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Accurate data used to monitor and measure progress are essential to NCLC’s mission of building Newark’s college-going culture. In 2018, NCLC produced the first comprehensive analysis of post-secondary outcomes for Newark high school graduates. While the findings of the report highlight the good news that more Newark students are going to college, students need more support to persist toward degree completion. NCLC’s vision is one where all Newark residents can thrive in an environment that prepares them for success after high school.



Post-Secondary Outcomes of Newark High School Graduates (2018)

Select Key Findings:

  • Most Newark high school graduates are enrolling in college
  • Fewer than 10% of students attend a highly or very competitive college
  • Persistence rates are highest among students who initially enroll in four-year colleges
  • Only 23% of Newark students who graduated high school in 2011 earned a degree within 6 years