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Support for those pursuing postsecondary education.

Student Resources

Postsecondary (any education after high school) resources for those seeking a degree, certificate, or credential.

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‘Postsecondary’ means any education after a high school diploma or GED…and ‘college’ can mean a two-year, four-year, or technical degree/industry-recognized credential.

Glossary of Terms

Created by Federal Student Aid, this glossary outlines terms an applicant may see throughout the postsecondary financial aid process.


Requesting a Tax Transcript

A tax transcript comes from the IRS and shows a record of previously filed taxes. You (or your guardian) may need to request a tax transcript to make the financial aid process easier to navigate. Some institutions may require a transcript from you, or ask that you complete forms that require information found on your tax transcript. Request a transcript before beginning the financial aid process to avoid any delay in completing aid applications.

How to Request a Tax Transcript

Scholarship Search

The National College Attainment Netowrk (NCAN) has compiled this list of scholarship search tools.

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BigFuture Scholarship Directory


Get Schooled


Scholarships A-Z: For Immigrant and Undocumented Students

Immigrants Rising

New Jersey Scholarships

ASPIRA also provides a list of scholarships on their website.

UNCF (United Negro College Fund) has a scholarship search engine and allows you to browse lists of scholarships with upcoming deadlines.

Appealing Your Financial Aid Award

You can submit an “appeal” to your financial aid award if you have special or unexpected circumstances. An appeal letter would be sent to a school in response to your financial aid award after they admit you. Circumstances that justify an appeal may relate to any reason that you are still unable to afford the cost of attendance after loans, grants, and scholarships have been applied.

Swift Student

Financial Aid Offer Comparison Tools

Financial Aid Award Chart

The National College Attainment Network (NCAN) has compiled a list of tools and resources to compare financial aid awards across institutions.


College Raptor

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)



College and Career Searches

The National College Attainment Netowrk (NCAN) lists the folloing resources for college and career searches:

BigFuture College Search

College Raptor

Get Schooled: Students with questions about college entrance exams, applications, financial aid, and succeeding at their first job cantext “HELLO” to 33-55-77 to get answers via text message


College Raptor Career Finder

Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce

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