NCLC Associate Director, Barry Ford, was selected to serve on the NJ Office of the Secretary of Higher Education’s On-ramps to College Working Group in support of the state’s new higher education plan.

The On-ramps to College working group will work to increase post-secondary access for all students in the state by developing innovative solutions for addressing the equity gaps in college attendance by race and socioeconomic status. This group has two major charges to study and make recommendations to the Governor: (1) Creating a coordinated approach to offering fee-free dual enrollment and piloting other models for demonstrating college-level mastery, such as the Modern States Educational Alliance, which prepares students for College Level Examination Program exams. (2) Exploring, and then working to address, the factors affecting New Jersey student decisions to attend higher education institutions outside of the state.

Read the news release announcing all working group members here.

Read the full higher education plan here.