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The 5 Best Trade Schools in NJ

For anyone who is uninterested in a four-year degree, but wants to enhance their skillset, trade school may be the perfect option for you. Some common reasons trade school is a better fit for you: Bachelor’s Degree programs seem to offer unessential knowledge You want to learn practical skills to earn more money Bachelor’s Degree … Read More

A Guide to Returning to College as an Adult

Returning to College as an Adult: Whether you are looking to get started on your education, finish it, or switch careers, it’s never too late to go to college. The Lumina Foundation reports that 38 percent of undergraduate students are older than 25, 58 percent work while enrolled in college, and 26 percent are raising children. … Read More

What Major Should I Choose?

What major should I choose? Choosing the right major comes with lots of stress. While you want to make sure that you choose something secure that establishes the groundwork for your future career, you don’t want to choose something you don’t love. But many students remain unsure of their academic interests, so college can be … Read More

Women in STEM: Clarifying Misconceptions in Motivation, Enrollment, and Skill

Understanding Equal Opportunity for Women Historical attitudes in the United States have unfortunately served to spread false gender stereotypes. Gender stereotypes negatively impact the opportunities of our country’s women. These attitudes lead people to believe that women can not accomplish the same things that men can–and that is simply not true. The modern exploration of … Read More