What happens on the internet… stays on the internet.

Social networking accounts are digital identities, and every time an account creates a post, it essentially leaves its digital signature with it. A lot of people neglect this fact about social media and are irresponsible with the posts they publish, which has led to serious repercussions in many cases.

What if my account is private?

Even information from a private social media account can become public if someone takes a screenshot or recording of one of its posts and shares it publicly online. Having a private account can also restrict people from seeing beneficial information, like your portfolio. So always be mindful about what you post, regardless of your privacy preferences.

Who is checking, anyway?

Some colleges have admissions teams solely devoted to checking students’ social media pages. Everything and anything that you post can be traced back to you! The internet works in mysterious ways, but it is becoming easier to navigate every day. For example, even if you don’t have your name listed on your profiles, admissions counselors can utilize cross-referencing measures to verify you identity.

What can I do to avoid this?

It’s never too late to delete old posts that you think may come back to haunt you, but you cannot guarantee that someone else has not saved or screenshotted them. Be responsible, and be careful what you say online! A general rule of thumb for posts: if you don’t want a parent or employer to read or see it, you definitely wouldn’t want an admissions counselor to read or see it either!